Beginnings of Year End Reflections and Appreciation

Thanks to funds awarded to Northwest Coastal Housing by 1st Interstate Bank, a new commercial refrigerator was purchased and installed in the newly remodeled Community Room kitchen at The Ridge Apartments in Lincoln City.  The large capacity fridge allows space for additional food items during Cooking Classes, Kids Afterschool Programming and food storage for perishables from the Oregon and Lincoln County Food Banks.

Our Community Room kitchen was dated and improperly sized to host programs provided by our community partners.  With the assistance of grant funds, the kitchen was expanded and included larger energy efficient commercial appliances allowing additional space for food and prep area.   Thanks to the collaborated efforts of grantors, including 1st Interstate Bank, Cooking Matters Classes have been hosted at max capacity of 10 individuals; OSU Extension Office provides continued Nutrition Classes incorporating foods from the community garden; food assistance is available for struggling families and daily snacks are provided to the afterschool program youth thanks to food banks and fridge capacity.

Plans for additional future classes include canning, Chef Cooking Classes for Seniors, Youth, and bi-lingual for Hispanic populations.  These cooking classes were no longer available to the Ridge Residents and greater community at The Ridge site prior to the kitchen remodel.  We want to thank 1st Interstate Bank for their support of Lincoln County residents.


Thanks to funds awarded to Northwest Coastal Housing by 1st Interstate Bank, our agency was able to purchase and install not only one transportation shelter, but two at different sites in Lincoln County.  The shelters were purchased at a two for one deal.  This allowed the ability to provide shelter from the weather at our dual diagnosed facility in Newport, the Yaquina Breeze Apartments, as they wait for their rides in a visible location with added shelter from the coastal elements.

Transportation Shelter-Yaquina Breeze

Another Transportation Shelter was installed in Lincoln City at The Ridge Apartments, specifically for the children, as they await the bus in a safe location still visible by the apartments.  This also provides shelter for other individuals awaiting their transportation from various agencies, including veteran and medical transport.  The City of Lincoln City removed a shelter down the street a few years ago leaving individuals exposed.  Our shelter not only provides protection but safety with line of sight for our vulnerable population.


Funds covered the cost of the install at Yaquina Breeze Apartments.   In-Kind funds were provided by our agency for the installed Shelter in Lincoln City at The Ridge Apartments.

Transportation Shelter-Ridge Apartments

We want to thank 1st Interstate Bank as the outcome has not only addressed health, but safety concerns in double the sites.  This would not have occurred without your support.  Thank you for providing a safer, healthier environment for individuals and families of Lincoln County.


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Newport, OR 97365



NWCH Office
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The Ridge Apartments
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