Our Mission: To provide affordable, safe, decent, and stable housing with compassion and integrity.

Our Mission: To provide affordable, safe, decent, and stable housing with compassion and integrity.

Our Mission: To provide affordable, safe, decent, and stable housing with compassion and integrity.

Our Mission: To provide affordable, safe, decent, and stable housing with compassion and integrity.

Blessings and Thoughtfulness in a Time of Crisis

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There is a lot of fear, anxiety, depression, frustration and uncertainly happening around this pandemic.  There are also those that are not taking it seriously, placing others, at risk.  But you know what?  There are good people out there; thoughtful people and businesses that rise above and go the extra mile in times of crisis [...]
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NWCH’s Response to COVID-19

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From Our Executive Director To You To our residents, partners, funders, and supporters, The last couple of weeks have been a challenge.  We and our partner agencies have had very enlightening, thoughtful conversations over the last couple of weeks.  Our focus is maintaining health, safety, and stabilty for our constitutents we serve and those within [...]
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Due to the very real danger that COVID-19 presents to our staff and clients, the Lincoln County Office of Legal Aid Services of Oregon is taking the following precautions, effective immediately: We are limiting public access to our office until further notice.  We encourage clients and potential clients as well as the general public seeking [...]
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Oregon Gov. Brown Press Conference on COVID 19

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A Message of Support and Updates

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Dear residents, The health and safety of our communities are of the utmost concern during the uncertain and rapidly changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our goal to keep you informed by providing valuable resources: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp… Our Services: As a nonprofit, it is our goal to continue to provide much needed services in [...]
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Covid19 Updates-From USA Today

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About Northwest Coastal Housing

Northwest Coastal Housing (formerly known as the Community Development Corpora­tion of Lincoln County) was established and incorporated in May 1991.

Northwest Coastal Housing (NWCH) is a non-profit corporation committed to devel­oping affordable housing, advocating for and supporting community efforts that enhance affordable living options.

The Northwest Coastal Housing’s mission is “To provide affordable, safe, decent, and sta­ble housing with compassion and integrity”. Our “Tag line” is “Everyone needs a place to call home”.

Our Properties (Scroll through to see all three)

The Ridge Apartments

The Ridge is an 80 Unit Complex.  We have a half time Resident Services Coordinator.  ​The services offered help reduce the barriers to  home stabilization thus reducing homelessness.

The housing we provide at this site help those at 50-60% of the Area Median Income depending on the unit available.  We have 2 and 3 bedroom units.  Those we serve are singles, families, seniors, homeless, domestic violence victims, veterans, and more.

More Details and Photos

The Yaquina Breeze Apartments

Programs for individuals suffering from Severe Mental Health and provides a sober living environment with one year of sobriety. These are for adults, seniors, veterans, singles, couples.  Property is one bedroom units.  Group, family and/or individual counseling for problems addressing:

  • Self-esteem.
  • Appropriate expression of feelings, and healthy boundaries.
  • Coping skills.
  • Medication evaluation and management.
  • Support and peer-building relation.
  • Panic and anxiety issues.

More Details and Photos

Alder Hill Apartments

NWCH provides Resident Services to residents with the ex­ception of the Alder Hill Apartments. These serv­ices help give low-income tenants opportunities to im­prove their standard of living and their quality of life. These services include health and nutrition workshops, community garden, Kid’s Club, par­ent­ing classes, social activities, social service re­ferrals, conflict resolution, etc.

More Details and Photos

Our Programs

In addition to providing affordable housing, Northwest Coastal Housing provides a host of services, including but not limited to:

  • After school and out of school programs
  • Securing benefits entitlements
  • Case management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Crisis intervention/support
  • Employment related programs
  • ESL classes
  • GED classes
  • Health care/services
  • Home purchase, financial counseling
  • Summer lunch program
  • Mental health services
  • Rental assistance
  • Transfer to permanent housing
  • Nutrition programs

Learn More About Our Programs